Tonkin Blue Flip Clip Water Bottle


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Tinc’s Flip & Clip No-Leaks Water Bottles are simple to use without worrying about accidental spills or leaks, thanks to the sturdy clip and lock mechanism. The water bottle is made from BPA-free, shatterproof plastic and holds up to 17.5 oz. of liquid. With a handy carry loop, it’s right there when you need it ? perfect for school, work, exercise or leisure. And best of all, it makes the most satisfying little ””bloop”” noise when you press the release button!**Meet the Tonkin TribeFeatures leak-proof, lockable-flip top lidEasy to carry handleBoasts BPA free, shatter-resistant materialsHolds 17.5 fluid ounceMeasures 8.7””h x 2.9””w*About TINC.**Think, INspire, & Create. TINC. Is a colorful, creative and inspiring world of extraordinary kids’ stationery, gadgets, and gifts. A full world of unique characters, you’re sure to find one or many for your child to love. Choose between Hugga, Mallo, Tonkin, Ooloo, Kronk, and Yum there’s one for every personality and mood!***