Am I Overthinking This? 2023 Engagement Calendar


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Try not to overthink it. Witty and iconic illustrations from Am I Overthinking This? enhance every week in this weekly engagement calendar featuring Michelle Rial’s signature charts about overthinking. For anyone trying not to overthink their plans, this funny and charming engagement calendar offers a weekly dose of uplifting humor. This engagement calendar features the beloved artwork of Michelle Rial, author of Am I Overthinking This?, that is bound to bring overthinkers comic relief as they try to figure out their plans. With Rial’s signature, not-so-scientific charts, this calendar proves that even life’s simplest questions don’t always have easy answers. BELOVED AUTHOR: This calendar offers fans of Michelle Rial and her relatable takes on stress, anxiety, and daily life a new, exciting way to enjoy her beloved artwork. PERFECT SOLUTION: This overthinking themed calendar is a smart and uplifting accessory for organizing commitments. Those looking to organize their many plans, goals, and thoughts relating to work, exercise, family time, social activities, and more will find the perfect solution in this portable and fun-to-use calendar.Perfect for: Overthinkers, Busy people, Organization lovers, Self-care enthusiasts, Fans of Michelle Rial and her unique charts, People dealing with anxiety who want to find the funny side of it, People who use humor to healPLASTIC-FREE MATERIALS: 100% plastic-free packaging and productFSC-Certified paperDimensions: 12 x 12 inFull-color images12-month timespan (Jan – Dec 2023)